What's New ?

 February 22nd, 2002:

  • What's New Page no longer in use.

 August 25th, 2001:

  • It has been widely wished that there would be more photos on our pages.
    By clicking a photo on the Main Page you now get a small new window
    that contains more photos from the artist.
    Each of them can then be enlarged.
    Then simply close the window to get back to the our Main Page.
  • A map of Laterna Magica is now available. See Main Page.

 May 12, 2001:

  • New pictures on the Main Page.
  • All pictures on the Main Page can be enlarged in a new window.

 April 29, 2001:

 April 17, 2001:

 June 7, 2000:

 January 3, 2000:

 October 4, 1999:

  • The new Bookshop Pages are online.
    They are still under some construction.
    We are working on the search and shoppin cart systems.

 June 9, 1999:

 May 30, 1999:

 May 21, 1999:


 December, 1996:

  • The Laterna Magica page Started

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