In Laterna Magica from 12.09.2017 to 01.10.2017

Dietmar Tallroth, b. 1961, is a fine art landscape and architecture photographer working and living in Helsinki. His black & white landscape photography is inspired by the ink paintings of China and Japan and seeks to practise and mediate a new and empathic access to nature, its forces and seasons. Working with the camera thus becomes for him a form of meditation. Dietmarís work has been shown in a number of venues in Finland. He is also the author of a coffee table photo book ("Dream City - Helsinki") about the neo-classicist architecture of Helsinki.

Mountains of the Sea - Artist Statement

The photography project "Mountains of the Sea" is an investigation into self-similarity in nature. The fractal character of forms in nature is most often thought of as feature of plants and animals such as ferns and sea shells. But also large features like mountains are built from self-similar elements.

The Finnish coast is littered with small rocks broken off the bedrock and ground from mountains and deposited in the water and the shore by the glaciers of the last ice age. At low tide many of these rocks and their caps formed by mosses and algae seem like miniature mountain ranges of their own. The camera can deceive us about their scale and through this deception reveal to us the true nature of these seemingly unremarkable features in the landscape.

The Japanese art of "suiseki", the appreciation of stones, follows a similar path of revelation in reflecting the big in the small. The camera, however, goes even beyond this and hides the dimension of scale. It challenges us to question whether the true deception is in our brain and its tendency to measure everything at a human scale. In dissolving this self-deception, self-similarity questions our understanding of ourselves and of nature. Is there any separation or is in truth everything in nature one? Including us.

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