In Laterna Magica from 18.08.2017 to 02.09.2017

In this exhibition I'm studying WATER both as its life-giving qualities and as a source of beauty.

Water has also many forms. Also the threats of the privatization and commercialization of drinking water is concerning me in this exhibition. The exhibition is consisting three installations and two videos and it is situated in 4 spaces.

At the opening a water-performance by the German dancer-choreographer Birgit Asshof will take place at the street gallery. Her dance will afterwards be seen in one of the video screens in the space.

I have also invited my colleagues to take part in the exhibition by a picture, a writing, or a poem connected to water. This part of the exhibition will be shown at the library at the gallery. There you will find works of Sirkku Katriina Ala-Harja, Lennart Berggren, Sari Bremer, Katy Hertell, Aimo Hyvärinen, Marja Kolu, Solveig Lehtonen, Anna Mäkelä, Leena Mäki-Patola, Irja Puhakka-Myller, Pilvi Ojala, Marjukka Paunila, Catarina Ryöppy and Hannu Väisänen.

The exhibition has been supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Hartwall and Alfred Kordelin Foundation.

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